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Two Days in Buffalo

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From top notch architectural wonders to marvelous art and entertainment centers and historical places; from diverse food scene to a burgeoning craft beer scene; from boutique hotels to trendy shopping options - there is no dearth of fun things to do in Buffalo. While you're in the Silo City, you can hunt for cultural treasures which are a plenty here. Or perhaps you can enjoy a scenic day cruise on the Spirit of Buffalo. Not to mention, the world famous Niagara Falls is undoubtedly on the top of every travelers bucket list. Whether you are a sole leisure traveler or in a family vacation, your 48 hours stay in Buffalo will be a pleasure trip with so heaps of exciting things to do and see.

First Day Expedition of the City of Buffalo!

Breakfast at 8:00 AM

Kickstart your day with a breakfast at Perks Cafe and Market (Downtown, 36 Broadway St). This is a cozy cafe where you can enjoy delicious breakfast items like apple cinnamon French toast, pancakes and more. Another great joint is The Bistro at Courtyard (125 Main St). The food, atmosphere, service and staff are great. And you will be treated with good Starbucks coffee 24/7.

Natural Wonders - Niagara Falls at 9:00 AM

Kickstart your day trip at the mighty Niagara Falls that is located about twenty miles north of Buffalo. This natural wonders is undoubtedly one of the world's most splendid and wondrous waterfalls. You will be awe struck to view over 700,000 gallons of water rushing over the cliff face every second. Anchoring two countries (US side and Canada side), this majestic natural fall attracts millions of visitors throughout the year from all over the world. You have many options to choose to view the fall. Venture into a helicopter tour or a Maid of the Mist boat tour. The fall is opened to visitors all year round but operational hours may vary seasonally. For timings and other details, call ahead.

Address: Niagara Falls, NY 14303
Phone: 716-278-1796

Majestic Figure - Niagara Mohawk Building at 12:00 PM

While in the vicinity, you can stop by Niagara Mohawk Building. This very tall skyscraper stand at over 250 feet and is one of the city's top point of interest and stunning sights. Even before arriving here, from far you can spot the glazed terracotta tower standing majestic, alomost seem like touching the sky. Day trip or night trip, the building is always a thing of utmost beauty. But if yiu have time at night, swing by there and you will know why - when lit at night, the splendid figure sparkles and is simply awe inspiring.

Address: 535 Washington Street, Buffalo, NY 14203
Phone: 716-832-2400


Forest Lawn Cemetery and Garden Mausoleums

Another place that has received rave reviews from visitors is Forest Lawn Cemetery and Garden Mausoleums. Don't you worry! This is not a boring cemetary. Not only is this a place where many great American personalities are laid to rest but the place is more like a park. With rolling terrain, ponds, shade trees, gorgeous gardens adorn this immaculately landscaped historic cemetery. Stop by here and pay tribute to the late President Millard Fillmore and William D. Fargo, and later enjoy a peacefyl picnic with your dear ones. The cemetary is opened to public daily from 8 a.m.

Address: 1411 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14209
Phone: 716-885-1600
Website: www.forest-lawn.com

What's for Lunch - 1:30 PM

Before steeping in the treasured structure of Frank Lloyd Wright's Darwin Martin House, stop at one of its nearby restaurant for lunch. At Marco’s Italian Deli (1744 Hertel Ave) you will enjoy delicious Italian fare. The menu is innovative and there are lots of options. Visitors enjoy Barbarino sandwich, Bugsy Segal, Mama-mia,  and seafood platter. For a taste of Thailand, drop by Taste of Thai (1460 Hertel Ave). They serve fresh and delicious red, and green curry; spring rolls and much more.

Dream House - Wright's Darwin Martin House at 2:30 PM

You ought to come and see the massive Frank Lloyd Wright's Darwin Martin House and admire its sheer beauty. The over 10,000 square feet house was built in 1904, but still is well preserved and continue to marvel visitors with its exquisite architecture details. With a classic horizontal streamlined design, a glass roof conservatory and a 100-foot covered arbor - it showcases the dexterity of one of the nation's top architects. If you're lucky, you can avail the all inclusive day tour, that will take you on a trolley ride to Wright's visionary designs. Only selected tour dates are available throughout the year.

Address: 125 Jewett Parkway, Buffalo, NY 14214
Phone: 716-856-3858
Phone: 716-947-9217
Website: www.darwinmartinhouse.org

Visit Luna and Kali - Buffalo Zoo at 4:00 PM

Not only is this the third oldest zoo in US, but it is also a home to over 1000 animal species from around the world. The zoo features a World of Wildlife Discovery Center with interactive displays and lots to learn; aquarium; and the several amusement parks offer many fun rides and activities. Do not miss its 'eco rain forest exhibits' and swing by to see its star attractions - Luna and Kali ploar bears. A special mention among the many happy looking animals, are Africa's small bushbaby and lesser galago; Australia's marsupial and the potoroo; reindeer; red pandas; Indian rhinos and meerkats; and grizzly, polar and Kodiak bears.

Address: 300 Parkside Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14214
Phone: 716-837-3900
Website: www.buffalozoo.org

Shopping at Elmwood Village - 6:00 PM

For an upscale shopping, dining and entertainment experience, swing by Elmwood Village Shopping Strip. This strip is a posh urban neighborhood, stringing in unique shops, antique shops, pubs, cafes,  galleries, and restaurants. If you're looking something gaudy for a special occasion, the boutique stores here will serve you the best as the area is particularly famous for boutique clothing stores. Just stroll around the strip and the neighborhood - parks, historic homes and many outdoor events.

Address: Buffalo, NY 14222

Explore Buffalo's top shopping centers!

Dinner at 8:00 PM

After shopping and exploring Elmwood Village strip, stop at Blue Monk (727 Elmwood Ave)for a greasy spoon dinner. From duck frites to grilled cheese, to mussels to duck fat fries - this place is pure indulgent. If you want pizza for dinner, Vera Pizzeria (220 Lexington Ave) is one of the best bets. Pair the delicious pizza with their hand-crafted cocktails. Are you in for steaks? Jim’s Steakout (938 Elmwood Ave) serves delicious, tender steaks that comes in many variants.

Get Ready to enjoy Amazing Live Music at The Tralf Music Hall  - 9:00 PM

Are you ready for outstanding rock and jazz? You ought to stop by The Tralf Music Hall that will leave you delighted with good music, cozy atmosphere and amazing food and drink selections. The bar highlights include cocktails, a long list of beers on tap and yummy bites, like nachos, quesadillas and chicken fingers.

Address: 622 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14202
Phone: 716-852-2860
Website: www.tralfmusichall.com

Few Rounds of Drinks at 11:00 PM

For few night caps, drop by Old Pink. This bar is a recipient of the best dive bar award in Buffalo and is a great watering holes to crash in after all the others are closed for the night. The place with its laid back ambiance will let you enjoy your drinks completely. 

Address: 223 Allen St, Buffalo, NY
Phone: (716) 884-4338

First Day of Buffalo Tour Map Guide

Second Day Expedition of the City of Buffalo!

Breakfast at 8:00 AM

Day 2 Buffalo City Itinerary is ready. First up is to fix yourself up with a good breakfast. The area around the City Hall has many breakfast joints to grab a quick bite. Your options are Tim Horton’s, Five Points Bakery, Caffe Aroma, Panera Bread and more. Each has something delicious to offer - croissants, pancakes, French toasts, oatmeal and delicious freshly brewed coffee.

Buffalo City Hall at 9:00 AM

After the breakfast, haed to Buffalo City Hall to get a breathtaking 360 degree view of the city, Buffalo River, Lake Erie and beyond. This gorgeous structure rises to 32 stories into the sky and features exquisite art deco decor. With over 1500 windows overlooking downtown, intricate geometric designs and beautiful stained glass ceiling - its architecture is a thing to admire here. An elevator ride will take you to the observation deck. If you happen to be on Sunday, you can participate in the insightful tour that takes place in the second half of the day. Entry to the observation deck is free. It welcomes visitors from 8:30 am to 5 pm (Mon-Fri).

Address: 65 Niagara Square, Buffalo, NY 14202
Phone: 716-852-3300
Website: www.visitbuffaloniagara.com/

Entertaining Museum - Original American Kazoo Company Museum at 10:00 AM

Fancy learning the history of the kazoo? Stop by Original American Kazoo Company Museum. This museum is fun filled and entertaining. Moreover its location, inside the world's only original metal kazoo factory makes it all the more special and exciting. What you can see here? You can watch crafting of as new kazoos and then can create own. And you ought to stop at the gift shop that features several types of kazoos, souvenirs, toys,  and books. The place is opened to visitors from 10 am to 5pm (Tuesday to Saturday). Admission here is free.

Address: 8703 S Main Street, Eden, NY 14057
Phone: 716-992-3960
Website: www.edenkazoo.com

Oasis in Buffalo - Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens at 11:30 AM

Arriving here the 67 foot Palm Dome visitors center will greet you. The sight of the tropical fruit trees and palms are simply beautiful and refreshing. The gardens encompass various Eco-systems, desert house, Ancient Rainforest, the Fem House and medicinal plant house. Stroll around and explore the the cloud forests of Panama and the Florida Everglades Eco systems. In the desert house, you will find American and African deserts species - giant cacti and agave plant. The 30-foot waterfall in the fem house cannot go unnoticed.

Address: 2655 South Park Ave, Buffalo, NY 14218
Phone: (716) 827-1584
Website: www.buffalogardens.com

Time to Eat - Lunch at 1:00 PM

After your visit at Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens, you must take a lunch break. There are many restaurants around and we have sort out few among many. You can stop at Curly’s Grille (647 Ridge Rd) for  Gluten-Free, Caribbean or American traditional cuisine. The food here will cheer you up and leave you satiatfied. Must try here include peanut crusted chicken breast, Jamaican jerk chicken black bean soup, Gnocci poutine and cioppino. Broadway Bobby’s Pizzeria (677 Ridge Rd) must be a definite stop for pizza lovers. From taco pizza to classic pizza, nothing will disappoint you here.

Admire Exquisite Sculptures and Paintings at Albright-Knox Art Gallery at 2:00 PM

If you are an art lover, you will thank us for introducing you to this place. An what's not to love? The art gallery houses world class collections of sculptures and paintings, ranging from post-war American and European art to modern art. You will also find the highlights on 20s and 30s era art works that exhibit  Cubism, Constructivism and Surrealism. They offer public guided tours from Thursday to Sunday. After checking out the exquisite art works, stop by the onsite restaurant and gift shops. Monday remains closed while it opens from noon to 5 pm from Tuesday to Sunday. Please call ahead to confirm operational hours as it may vary seasonally.

Address: 1285 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14222
Phone: 716-882-8700

Broadway Show in Buffalo - Shea's Performing Arts Center at 3:30 PM

Take a little breather and catch up on Broadway at Shea's Performing Arts Center. This working historic theater hosts touring Broadway troupes and several special events, providing different live performing arts experiences and innovative educational platforms. The interior is well decked up with luxurious red seats, vibrant ceiling and lavish stage. Even if you don't have enough time to watch a show, it is still worth to stop by here and you'll feel nothing less than being transported to a plush theater in Paris. Operational hours are from  10 a.m. and 5 p.m (Mon-Fri) and from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday. For more details, Clik on the website below.

Address: 646 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14202
Phone: (716) 847-1410
Website: www.sheas.org

Sunset Voyage - Spirit of Buffalo at 5:00 PM

Set sail to a wonderful voyage on the Spirit of Buffalo and discover Buffalo from Lake Erie. This is your chance to soak in stunning peaceful sun sets and fun filled cruise expedition on board a classic 73 foot topsail schooner. The "Wind and Wine" cruise amenities include wine in the wind sails. The pirate cruise is kid's favorite sail which offers swashbuckling stories, a treasure hunt, face painting and lots more. For cruise timings and other details, call ahead or visit the website.

Address: 1 Naval Park Cove, Buffalo, NY 14202
Phone: 716-796-7210
Website: www.spiritofbuffalo.com

Wine tasting - Niagara Wine Trail at 7:00 PM

Take your adventure into wine tasting at Niagara Wine Trail. The combination of varieties of fine wines with delicious selections of fine cheese is something wonderful that you don't experience everyday. Some of the exquisite wine varieties include Riesling, Pinot Noir, Cabernet, ice wines and Syrah. The Niagara Wine Trail holds 19 wineries that are spread across Niagara within a short drive from Buffalo. Take some time out and visit as many as you can. Visit the website for more information on different wineries.

Address: Buffalo, NY
Website: www.niagarawinetrail.org

Dinner is served at 8:30 PM

Enjoy a beautiful dinner at Carmelo’s (425 Center St). they dish out delectable Italian cuisine. The flavors are bold and fresh. From eggplant lasagna to  cippolini onions to Steamed Mussels to Veal Chop Parm to risotto - enjoy incredible food and service. At Sandstone Grillhouse (5467 Victoria Avenue) you can relish steak, seafood and Italian fare. Visitors love their chicken parm, Mediterranean goat cheese chicken, creme brulee and spinach gnocchi.

Nightlife amidst art, music and nature - Artpark  at 10:00 PM

A night out at Artpark is the best way to end your trip to Buffalo. As you meander around the 200 acre space, you will come across visual and performing arts, hiking and biking trails lined with large scale sculptures and explore the beauty of nature. Here, many top bands also give away world-class musical concert. By all means, visit Artpark, Buffalo's unmatched nightlife destination offering a perfect amalgamation of art, nature, fun and music. The park is opened dail 24 hours.

Address: South 4th Street, Lewiston, NY 14092
Phone: 716-754-4375

Find out the nightlife spots in Buffalo!

Day 2 Buffalo Tour Map Guide

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